In the run-up to the Beta launch of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB), we have invited all German cultural and scientific facilities to be involved in setting up the portal. Many institutions have already registered in response to our call.

Has your organisation not yet received an email? The reason for this may be simple. We often contacted very general email addresses (e.g. postbox@..., info@...). Therefore, before registering online, please check whether a colleague has already received an invitation from us. This will help us to avoid double entries.

If you want to join the DDB, you must register online by entering the name and location(s) of your institution(s) as well as the URL of your website. We also need the name of a contact partner so that we can coordinate your query and make contact quickly. Handling your personal data in a responsible and sensitive manner is of great importance to us. Of course, we comply with the valid provisions from the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) as well as all other relevant data protection regulations. To find out more about this, please read our statement on data protection.

Registering takes five steps and will only take you 5-10 minutes to complete. You can call up the online questionnaire as often as you want and also add to your details following that at any time. Registering does not involve any other obligations on your part and by registering, your organisation becomes visible in the DDB. If we have any further questions after receiving your query, we will contact you soon afterwards.

We will be presenting an overview of the registered institutions on our virtual map of Germany's cultural and scientific landscape, which means you will become clearly visible as a part of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek.

If you have any questions or comments on registration, please contact us at:

If you have any general questions, please contact us at:

You will find a list of frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

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