Terms of use

The E-Varamu portal provides a central access point to the various digital information systems of Estonia's cultural and scientific institutions and network these with one another. This makes it possible to search and display objects from the areas of culture and science in an advertising-free work environment that is under the responsibility of public entities and institutions, and which guarantees authentic and reliable search results. E-Varamu is a cultural platform for experts and an interested public alike.

The following conditions of use apply for the portal.

  1. The E-Varamu and its data suppliers retain all copyright and other intellectual property rights to the public, freely accessible (and free of charge) digital content, derivatives and metadata including layout, software and their content in line with the principle of „free access – rights reserved“.
  2. In general, if using the content, reference to the name of the author of the work, if it appears thereon, to the name of the work and to the source publication must be made.
  3. Any use of the digital content, derivatives and metadata for commercial purposes is hereby prohibited, unless approved by the title holder in individual cases. As a rule, the E-Varamu is not the title holder itself, but only acts as an agency providing access to the digital content, derivatives and metadata, so that any further rights of utilisation must be acquired from the respective institute that has contributed said content.
  4. Where the individual digital content, derivatives and metadata give specific legal instructions concerning the use of the content in question, these shall apply in addition to these General Terms and Conditions of Use.
  5. If using the content, it is forbidden to alter and/or remove information concerning copyright and/or brand names and/or any other information provided as part of the content.
  6. Special conditions may apply for individual areas of this website. When registering in these areas, the users are explicitly asked to read the conditions applicable for these. More specific conditions of this type shall have priority over these conditions when using said services.